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Send Deposit to:

Eva Black Tail Swan (Groves)                               If there is an emergency and you have
       P.O.Box 412                                                  to cancel, I will make every effort to
       Kiowa,  Colorado  80117                               reschedule you for another workshop.
       (303) 646 - 0664                                           Call me, and we will work something
                                                                             out. Your deposit is used to buy and
                                                                             prepare materials and can not be

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If you are interested in a private session or personal reading, please contact me Eva Black Tail Swan at 303.646.0664. For more information about workshops, classes, private sessions and personal readings, click on the Workshops and Classes button (personal appointment information is on page three-a).

If you are interested in subscribing to "Creator's Song" - daily morning message. Please use the form below titled subscription form.

It is important for you to contact me as soon as possible as I prepare all of the materials for each of you myself. I need this time so that all of the materials you will need in class can be prepared in time (just for you).

I have limited space available in my classes because I believe you will have a more positive experience within a smaller group. This causes my classes to fill up quickly.

All workshops include lunch and a packet of the written material presented in class. For lunch I provide the main dish and bread, most people like to bring a dish to share. Thank you for your interest in my work. I look forward to meeting, seeing and working with you.
                                      do na da go hv i  -  Eva Black Tail Swan


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Subscription for one year will always begin on May first.

That is from the first day of May (current year) through the last day of April in the following year.

I publish my newsletter by March 15 every year.  Any new subscribers who sign up between the time I publish my current year schedule and May of that same year will receive the time from sign up through May at no charge (meaning your subscription  renew date will always be by May first)                                          

  If you begin your subscription after May of the current year:                               

If you begin your subscription after May of the current year, you will receive an $8.00 reduction (off the $100.00 per year price) per month. This is per month only regardless of the date. I will provide any who subscribe within the month all - daily morning messages missed for the month of sign up.



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Send to:                  Eva Black Tail Swan (Groves)

                               PO Box 412                                     or call 303.646.0664

                               Kiowa, CO. 80117                          to talk to me personally