"... as I close my eyes, the song of a new born day plays within my heart. Mother Earth begins. With the beating of her heart, she calls to her children... as each one steps forward, their song blends together with one another until they sing as one, in rhythm and harmony with their Mother. This song plays within me like a symphony, deeply moving within my heart..., ... and the wind comes now into this place, completing the circle, for the wind is the breath of God..., ... and the words come now, as a whisper on the wind. They are not spoken... they come through feeling and emotion felt deep within one who is blessed with an invitation to attend such a ceremony... The message comes as a song within my heart... a song like no other song, for this is...

...Creator's Song

In July of 2007 my friend Michele (from Los Angeles, CA) came to visit. This was Michele's first visit to my home, so we spent virtually every moment together. I shared with Michele about my (daily morning ceremony) and how I receive beautiful messages from Creator every day. I mentioned how frustrating it is to be given such a gift and not be able to share it. Through the wisdom of my friend  Michele, this idea was born. 

Michele photographed this Sunrise from my home in Elizabeth, Co. during that visit.

Every day during my morning ceremony, I am given a message. It may come through an animal, the moon or the sun, a plant, a tree, a stone, a season... the wind... How ever the message comes, I know it is Creator speaking to me. When I have a class or gathering, I make sure to share the message I received for the day. But the question is; what do I do on the other days.

After I got connected with the Internet in February, Michele became my first subscriber, and so it began. Looking back now through all of the messages, I see that they are a teaching as well as a daily inspiration. I found that in order to write the message, I must also include some of the knowings of Medicine People, of Native American tradition, of Star People...

... so below you will find a few of the messages I have been sending to Michele since February. I hope they bring you inspiration, contemplation and conversation.

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Thursday February 21  2008

As I sit in ceremony singing, praying... I feel the presence of the Moon upon me. My thoughts are taken to the night just past and I remember it was only eight hours ago, the Earth, Sun and Moon stood together in alignment, blending their energies and creating what we call eclipse.

I see now, a figure emerging from the misty glow of the 4:00 am Star (moon). It is Corn Maiden. She stands still and silent now as the knowing of this movement between Sun, Moon and Earth washes into my  heart...

...this is the greatest form of prayer... the greatest gift to us, the two-legged of the Earth... aligned together, Sun and Moon combine their energies, the purest most perfect power of God, and immerse their sister the Earth in this purity and perfection.  Earth opens her heart to receive this love, this healing, this gift... receiving it for her children...

...we the two-legged children of the Earth are now bathed in the love of God and within us a seed is planted. A seed of peace, of love, of faith, of trust, of forgiveness, of healing, of wholeness, of oneness... we are given what ever it is we need.

Corn Maiden walks closer to me now, lighted by the soft glow of the Moon. Her words are sure and true as she speaks what I believe to be our instructions from God...

"... now is a time of beginning for all children of the Earth... I, Corn Maiden, am sent as a symbol of sustenance for all people... honor one another, honor the Earth upon which you walk, honor this gift brought forth through the Sun, Moon and Earth... this gift is for you, all of you... begin now refreshed, new, clear, strong... walk in the light of all that is good... follow the action of what you have just been blessed with... Stand in alignment with one another and feel the healing power of true Oneness.  Love, forgive, understand, assist, share, let go... stretch out your arms of compassion to embrace all. Feel the movement and growth of love and peace move within you..." 

  ...and so it is good - Eva Black Tail Swan

Saturday February 23  2008

Walking out into the dark of the morning, a pleasant aroma seemed to hang in the air. It is willow, fresh and crisp. I feel as though ceremony began early this morning and has been waiting for me to arrive. As I sit and begin my morning prayers, the fragrant smell of willow takes me away...

... back to an ancient time where I am shown willow tree as a woman spirit, young and vibrant. Moon sits in a dawning sky just above her to the left, and I can see a small creek running behind her to the south... I have always known willow to be powerful medicine. It is willow who awakens within us our own inherent healing abilities, the ability to adapt to all situations and helps us to move between the worlds so to find clarity in whatever is troubling us...

...(I sometimes refer to the space between worlds as the dream-time or the in-between time... we travel here in spirit. In this space we are not bound by or influenced by our two-legged physical thoughts and knowings, but rather we are held here in the place of truth. Cherokee know willow to symbolize truth and justice... what ever we come to know while in the energy of willow is taken very seriously).

... and willow speaks...

"... many earth children are feeling emotional thoughts and issues rise up within (strong emotions). Any who struggle with emotional hurts, pain or feelings (man or woman)... stand now as willow, become flexible, draw down the healing powers of the moon to smooth your emotion and soothe your pain. Allow all that is un-serving to you to flow away in the clear, cool waters of my cleansing creek. Hold only truth within and feel now perfectly balanced as you stand rooted in the earth while stretching high up into the sky..." 

I find myself now, sitting in my ceremony circle. The buffalo sing their morning song, the horses nicker "good morning". I feel as though I have awakened from a long good sleep. The fragrance of willow has gone and the sky is light. I finish my ceremony with a song of gratitude and ask once again for blessings upon all people.

... and so it is good - Eva Black Tail Swan

Friday March 7 2008

When I speak of gratitude... to pray it to Creator... to feel it within your entire being... to live it everyday, there are some who tell me they can not come up with anything to feel grateful for. I know this is true for many, I have had these hard times when everything seems dark and grim, as if the light will never come.

I learned long ago that these hard times... all that causes us hurt, pain, worry, doubt, fear... despair... these are our gifts too... these are our opportunities to learn and grow, to rise up and to gain experience so to become prepared for what ever may come.

When we stand in gratitude, it may begin with "the list", but it is the feeling that is the prayer. If you must ask your mind to take you to a time when you felt so grateful over something, so to create the feeling of gratitude... that is good... now disconnect from the thought and hold only the feeling... then offer this feeling... this gratitude... to God.

I talk about this today because Creator's message speaks of the Red Corn (sacred for the people, sacred as the offering). As we offer to Creator what ever it is we have to give... we nourish our selves as well (even when in hard times and our offering seems small... this is truly the greater gift).

Corn symbolizes Creator's promise to get us through the long winters of our lives. Corn reminds us that it is by our own hard work, our effort, our own action  that we learn and grow and walk along our journey gaining wisdom and the ability to make wise choices and decisions. Corn is our nourishment, just as the difficulties we face in our life nourishes us.

"Creator's message came to me today as a vision... I found myself in an incredible field of corn. As I walked along, I was met by rows and rows of corn... and the knowing that hard times are waning, that a shift is happening seemed to flow through me... I came to know that to be one who receives of this abundance, we must have done our part... there is a part for everyone in the corn field... from start to finish... for big and small... weak and strong... we just need to look over there... and find the corn..."

... and so it is good - Eva Black Tail Swan

Sunday March 9 2008

There is always a certain sacredness I feel within on Sunday mornings. I sometimes feel as though I am feeling the singing hearts of all who pray on this day. The warmth of love offered to one another, wishes of peace and words of inspiration and hope pouring out... feelings of forgiveness and compassion that heal us (if only on this day)... And we gather together now to rest and spend time with one another, to share with one another the experience of standing in the presence of God.. and this is good.

I look into the sky and show my humble face to God, I speak out loud but with quiet voice, that which is sincere and pure within my heart... I speak my prayer...

"a  gi  do  da  (my father)  I ask that my small life combine with you, the giver of life... that we may breathe with one breath... that we may make this day sacred together... may I walk in your grace and extend your gift of grace within me to all people... may I notice those who come as my teachers and not choose to look away... may I see through the hardships and disappointments to find joy and gratitude in all that is my life..."

... and so it is good - Eva Black Tail Swan

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