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In this place you will find many types of Medicine Tools such as, drums, rattles, medicine bags, medicine dolls and more. I make (by hand) all of what you will find in this shop. Everything I make is prepared in seven sacred ceremonies and then born within ceremony circle. Each Medicine Tool is made individually and comes with a handmade card where you can read about the meaning and use of the Medicine Tool as well as it's intention and story. As you enter my shop, first you will see the Drums. Look around and find the one that sings your song and touches your heart or if you like I will make one just for you.

These are the Medicine Drums.

Medicine Drum is made within the sacred ceremony. Each drum is made with an intention that it will carry within its heart for as long as it sings. Everything about Medicine Drum is Medicine (speaks of its meaning, its gift to us, its purpose, its qualities).

The hide is buffalo, which brings this drum the medicine of buffalo spirit. Buffalo is known to many nations as the voice of Creator. Buffalo provided for the people everything that was needed to survive and came to teach the people that when we pray we pray for all people "we smoke the pipe for all people (our brothers and sisters) and this brings peace to our world".

The hoop I use for my drums is made from (already felled) Birch trees. Birch medicine brings to you new beginnings, it cleanses your past and brings to you vision.

Each drum carries a Medicine Bag. Within the bag is the written intention of the drum along with many herbs which are my gift to all people and a healing stone rests on the outer flap of the medicine bag.

For each drum I make a special beater and each drum carries feathers and a hand made card to tell all about the drum.

I also provide care instructions with each drum. I usually have Medicine Drums made (I believe that all the drums I make are made for someone, the drums wait with me for that someone to come and find it).

If you are interested in having me make a drum for you or for someone special, contact me  to discuss the details. The 18" Medicine Drums are the same price to buy as they are for me to make personal.  

The 18" Medicine Drum  -  $200.00 each, plus shipping.

 contact Eva Black Tail Swan  - 303.646.0664 to purchase or order                               

  This is Ceremony Drum - $1200.00  and up

    To many people this is known as Pow Wow Drum

Made in the sacred way, Ceremony Drum is most often used in ceremony, pow wow, sacred gatherings, stomp, sweat and sundance.

Ceremony Drum is made large enough for several drummers to gather around and usually rests in a drum stand so it will not touch the floor. The drum stand can be made for sitting or standing and (the ones I offer are) made from wood.

Ceremony Drum has skin on the top and the bottom which means it has two voices (or songs). The materials I use to make Ceremony Drum are the same as for all the drums I make.

The hide used for the top and bottom is usually buffalo, moose or elk (all my drums can be made with any of these hides).

I can paint the drum hoop and drum stand or leave them natural. I make all of my own paint from fruit and vegetable skins and earth pigments and such so that the natural integrity of the materials are enhanced rather than compromised.

Ceremony Drum comes with a beater and a medicine bag which holds the sacred herbs I am shown while making the drum.

When ever I make a Medicine Tool for someone I will ask you to provide a written intention (the purpose you would like your medicine tool to carry). For Ceremony Drum you will need to write one for each voice.

I usually only make Ceremony Drum by special order so you will have to contact me in regard to the details you need for your drum. I will require a deposit for all special orders.

Ceremony Drum  can be made in many sizes which will change the tone and cost. Please contact me for specific details.  Eva Black Tail Swan - 303.646.0664

The Ceremony Drum in the photo is 26" across by 18" tall  - the cost of this drum is $1200.00      

Other Drums I make are:

Pebble Drum -   18" size - $250.00 plus shipping

Pebble Drum is made much like Medicine Drum in that it carries the same spiritual qualities and looks similar. What makes Pebble Drum different is that it is cut so it has a wider band in the back. This makes it possible to put stones or pebbles in the back of the drum so that when you play it, the stones and pebbles vibrate creating a rattling sound as well as allowing the energy of the stones and pebbles to release and blend with the vibration of the drums song.

I find this very powerful when drumming for healing and peace to our land. I gather stones from all over the world and place them in my drum, then drum for healing and peace allowing the stones to resonate back to their   native land... it is good. 

                                                       Eva Black Tail Swan - 303.646.0664  to purchase or order

Hand Held Ceremony Drum  - (sorry no photo)

are made just like the regular size Ceremony Drums except they are sized to be held and played. Some people know these as Lodge Drums. I make these drums in the same sacred way as I make all my Medicine Tools and can use buffalo, moose or elk for the skin.

All drums come with Medicine Bag and beater.

The most commom sizes are: 18" x 6"   -   18" x 8"   -   16" x 6"   -   16"x 8"   -   14" x 6"

They range in price from -  $250.00  -  (14" x 6")  to  $400.00  -  (18" x 8")  plus shipping, depending on hide and if you want it painted. I do charge a little more for painted, we can talk about this.

If you would like me to make one for you contact me,  Eva Black Tail Swan - 303.646.0664


These are what I call Shaman Rattle - 

All traditions speak of the Medicine People in different ways.  When you begin to attempt translating each native language into English, the word that seems to be understood by all is Shaman. I believe all traditions have these sacred people within their culture who work with certain tools, methods and prayers to assist others in healing ways. The Cherokee know them as    a ni da we hi  (angel, wise man, shaman).

The Medicine of Shaman Rattle is a combination of how it is made (and what it is made from) as well as how it is used (and by whom).

Shaman Rattle is made from  : Buffalo leg bone -  Deer dew-claw -  Deer leather and Horse hair. Each of these carry specific (energy, properties, medicine) that when combined create a very sacred Medicine Tool.  All Medicine Tools require clear and focused intention which is known by "Medicine People". 

In these days, I am told by many, that it is difficult to find one who makes these tools in the old way as I do. If you are looking for such a tool or other sacred tools, contact me. I will do what I can for you.

Shaman Rattle is made in two sizes (depending on the use intended) -

Small  - (as seen in the photo) - $60.00                     Large  - (which is made with Deer toes) - $100.00

Eva Black Tail Swan - 303.646.0664

These are what I call Dance Rattle  - It is important to know that within all rattles there is the potential for its medicine to become awakened. When all the proper materials are used and the intention is pure, all instruments have the power within them to bring about claming, soothing, healing. 

This rattle is designed after an ancient Cherokee rattle which has been used for generations. Dance Rattle begins with a gourd, is filled with small river pebbles and a willow branch is used for the handle. Each of these materials carry specific medicine which is important to that which is required to awaken the medicine of the Dance Rattle. 

If this rattle appears to be simple and primitive, it is true. The simplicity of the rattle is part of it's medicine. It is not the tool that is to do the work, the tool is merely an assistant. I will now talk about each part of the rattle so you will know its meaning.

Gourd - speaks of nourishment, earth, unity. In noticing how the vines of gourd plants spread out to encompass all, we too must keep in our character an open, loving, giving nature. When working in a healing way, these are important qualities. We must be completely open and giving to all people who come for assistance.

River Pebbles - speak of the flowing waters of the Earth (the blood of our Mother). River pebbles connect with our emotions, assist in smoothing out the flow of emotion and energy within us and bring us to a state of well being.

Willow - represents healing but speaks also of truth and justice. This is important in medicine work as much of what is causing distress, is or has been disguised or hidden. We even make these excuses ourselves. Willow is also known to be flexible assisting us to adapt to any situations. Willow awakens our inner vision and voice as well as encourages us to be receptive to that which we receive from within. Willow also helps us to travel between worlds so as to find the answers we seek.

In my tradition, Dance is prayer, and prayer is healing. As you dance with your rattle, honor Creator and all that surrounds you. The rattle will speak your prayer.

Dance Rattle - $50.00 (all rattles are made in the sacred way and will each be different )

Call me - Eva Black Tail Swan for information and order.      303.646.0664   I make several types of rattles.

Medicine Dolls  

  Grandmother Moon

When I first came to Colorado, I brought with me two gourds. One I had carried with me for over fifteen years. I had always known that here was a spirit within each of these gourds, in fact within all gourds. My two gourds held a place of honor in my sacred room, until one day I became ill. I was kept out of work for a long time (four years). In this time I began to heal, on many levels and in many ways. In this time the spirits within my gourds began to speak to me. They called out for me to give them life. I began to sit with my gourds everyday, and soon they showed me their spirits. My healing became more and more complete and my first Medicine Dolls were born. 

Medicine Woman


Medicine Dolls begin as a gourd. Once I am shown their spirit, I begin the process of bringing that spirit to life. First their face comes and then the blanket in which they are wrapped.   

Each Medicine Doll has her own story and spirit (although recently I have had many requests to recreate several of the Medicine Dolls, this has gone well and been good). 

I make all of my paint from fruit and vegetable skins, earth pigments and other natural gifts from the earth.  When I make the paint there is usually only enough for the Medicine Dolls I am making at that time, so even when I create the same design again, each Medicine Doll is still unique and one of a kind.

Each Medicine Doll has a name, and I write her name on the bottom along with her number (in order of their birth) as well as my signature and the date. This is by my husband's suggestion. Keven believes that Medicine Dolls are my signature creation and feels they should be treated as such.

Each Medicine Doll carries a Medicine Bundle on her back made up of herbs, stones, buffalo hair and other sacred items that when held together within the Medicine Bundle become my special gift to all people. 

Each Medicine Doll comes with a hand made card that tells her story, her medicine, what is in her bundle and what everything means.

I can make special Medicine Dolls with a special intention for you to give as a gift to someone special, or you can choose from any of the Medicine Dolls I have made.  

Medicine Dolls range in price from $80.00 to $125.00  (plus shipping)

Patchamama   -   $80.00                                  White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman

Medicine Woman   -   $90.00 - comes with small tobacco pouch.

Mother Earth   -   $100.00 - comes with turtle fetish carved from pipestone.

Grandmother Moon   -   $100.00 - comes with old Cherokee story of Sun and Moon.

White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman   -   $125.00 - Comes with the written story of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman as well as a tobacco pouch with a jasper carved buffalo fetish to protect the sacred tobacco. She also carries the sacred pipe (painted) on her blanket.

Medicine Blanket   -   $100.00 - comes with tobacco pouch made fro 100% Native American wool blanket.

                           The story of Medicine Blanket is a very personal one. When I was seventeen years old, I had cancer. I went to the City of Hope for treatment. I was there for almost eight months. I had never been away from my replica watches family for that long and asked the Nurse if I could have my blanket (the one my Mother gave me). The Nurse said yes. When my blanket arrived, the Nurse brought it to me (after they washed it in their own washers), it was like being held in my Mother's arms.

                            I created the Medicine Blanket doll to be given as a gift for anyone who is fighting an illness. I wanted her to be a way to let someone know that they are wrapped in your prayers and held in your love at all times, to offer them the comfort and support of your arms even when you can't be with them and to give hope, prayers, comfort and support in any way you can. Medicine Blanket is a very special Medicine Doll.

For more information or to order - call me, Eva Black Tail Swan at 303.646.0664

Medicine Bags

When I first began making Medicine Bags, I made them in the way of the Medicine People of my family. This means I made them only for a person who was in need or as a special gift for someone to carry with them my good thoughts and prayers.

After I began to make the Medicine Dolls here in Colorado, I realized that there were many people who wanted me to make them a special Medicine Bag as well. Many people wanted me to make Medicine Bags that they could give as a gift to a loved one or friend.

I found myself one day writing the medicine for several Medicine Bags, all with different intentions. I ended up with 14 different intentions and I began to make these for people to buy for someone (or themself), to assist them in awakening a certain quality within.

The 14 Intention Medicine Bags are: 

Healing - Trust - Love - Growth - Strength - Illumination - Renewal - Clarity - Cleansing - Protection - Introspection - Purity - Wisdom - Experience


 After a while I began to get requests for Medicine Bags that would speak of a persons birth time from people who wanted to give a Birthday gift with meaning and prayers. I then created the Medicine Bags that speak of the Earth Time. These Medicine Bags follow (almost exactly) the same time schedule as the Solar Birth Signs such as Libra, Cancer, Leo, and so on. I even put the name for the Solar influance on the card so people can reconize their Earth Time better.

The 12 Earth Medicine Bags are:

Aquarius - The Cleansing Time - 1/20 - 2/18            Pisces - The Blustery Winds Time - 2/19 - 3/20

Aries - The Awakening Time - 3/21 - 4/19                Taurus - The Growing Time - 4/20 - 5/20

Gemini - The Flowering Time - 5/21 - 6/20                Cancer -  The Long Days Time - 6/21 - 7/21

Leo - The Ripening Time - 7/22 - 8/21                         Virgo - The Harvesting Time - 8/22 - 9/21

Libra - The Falling Leaves Time - 9/22 - 10/22          Scorpio - The Frost Time - 10/23 - 11/22

Sagittarius - The Long Nights Time - 11/23 - 12/22   Capricorn - The Renewal Time - 12/23 - 1/19

All of the above Medicine Bags are made in the same way and with the same mixture of herbs inside (my special gift to all people). It is the last herb and the stone that will determine what Medicine each bag carries (specific intention or birth time).

All Medicine Bags come with a hand made card which tells the meaning of the Medicine Bag as well as the meaning of all that is held inside

All of the above mentioned Medicine Bags are $40.00 each plus shipping.

I make many other Medicine Bags such as:

Wedding, Anniversary, New Baby, as well as any special intention you may have.

These Medicine Bags would be priced according to the intention and what goes into the making of the Medicine Bag.

To order - Call Eva Black Tail Swan @ 303.646.0664