Eva's Basket

In the Cherokee tradition, the basket is our reminder of Creator's one request of us as  living beings upon the Earth... " walk as one people, as you are all brothers and sisters, know all things as your relative for you are all related..."

The weave of the basket speaks of our spiritual connection with all of creation, reminding us that everything we do, think, feel, know, and speak has an effect on all people/beings.  (much like the great "web" taught by Spider Grandmother)

The woven basket represents how all people are truly interwoven together in life...

"... Just like the weave of a basket, we touch one another's lives in every way, in every thing we do, in every desicion we make, in every action we take (whether positive or negative). Each of us individually and as a group influence the shape of our world. The Cherokee know this as The Great Basket... for as we are woven together in this life, we find there are times we will be the strength of the weave, helping others by holding the basket together for a time, knowing that if we find ourselves beginning to weaken and fray, the strength of another will certainly be there to ease our burden and keep the basket strong and whole"

With only this one page remaining, I found that I had to gather up the last of the information I needed to provide for you (in my basket) and place it here. I found it interesting that all of what I will share with  you here on this page has to do with inter-connecting with one another (like the weave of a basket)  : Personal Appointments and Sessions - Ceremony, Sweat and Gatherings - Lectures and Seminars - Retreats (the ranch, the buffalo, the solitude) - also, I do take my wares out once a year. I have a booth at the Colorado Indian Market. This page is where I will give you information about that event and how to find me there. Some people are interested in how to have me come to do a class in their place, I will talk about that here as well. So as you can see, assigning this page with the title Eva's Basket was appropriate in many ways.  I thank you again for your interest in my work.    Eva Black Tail Swan

I will provide information about personal appointments, scheduling lectures or seminars, requesting personal ceremony, finding out about ceremonies - sweats and gatherings that you can attend, information about retreats (when they will be available), visiting the ranch, the buffalo and the Indian Market below.

If you need more information, want to schedule time with me or for any other need - you can contact me by phone at 303.646.0664 or by e-mail at   weareonepeople@blacktailswan.net


Personal Appointments and Sessions -

It is the most difficult part of what I do, to list the individual work I provide. I have always lived by the old ways, the knowing that if someone is in need of your assistance... they will find you. I find it is the thing I resist the most, to try and organize a list and words to describe what is truly indescribable. (may be why this is on the last page of this writing).

Each person is so individual. Their needs are unique and the work that I will do is tailored to individual needs. There is no way I can even begin to label and list services that I could offer for you to choose from. Everything I can provide as assistance is completely guided (by Creator) and specific for each person. So, in regard to personal appointments for Medicine Work (some might say healing or energy work), the best I can do is to give a brief explanation as to how I work.

Medicine Work -

Everything I do begins with a person's request. It is rarely appropriate and mostly ineffective to do this kind of work with a person who is not ready and committed to a positive out come. So, a person must ask for my assistance (ask me them self). Understand that even when a person asks, they may not be ready. There are times when another must ask for a person who is not able, and this is something to be discussed. So, the initial conversation is essential. First we talk.

Once we have the conversation, I go to ceremony. In ceremony I connect with Creator in prayer and receive information. Here is when and where I will know if I am not the person you have been in search of, if I am the one who can assist you.

If I am shown I am not the one for you, I will tell you. But please know that if I receive this information, I also ask for something I can share with you about your issue (another who would be more appropriate to work with you, something you can do on you own, the root, the imposition, etc.).  If I am shown that I can be of assistance to you, I also receive more information that we will discuss when setting the appointment.

From here it becomes very specific and individual. So, the only thing I can say here is that when we set an appointment, I will set aside an entire day. Whether we think we will need it or not. I ask for you to be on time for this reason; once we begin working (I say we because You , I and Creator work together) we work for how ever long is necessary. I usually set appointments early (as in morning), but I also consider your schedule.

I do have the ability to record our conversations for you to refer to later (this is up to you). I will not however record any of the actual work, but will record for you the immediate discussion we have after working. I have been providing this service for the last five years or so. I found that for most people having the recording to refer to was an incredible help in their personal follow up work.

This brings us to personal follow up work. Which is usually work you will do on your own. It is usually not necessary to have several appointments (usually never more than one). In my tradition, it is more about the preparation, so the work goes quickly and is received well (sometimes instantly). You must be prepared on every level, that is how it should be. But we are all two-legged (human) beings, so there is always a bit of resistance. In every session I am shown something for you in the way of follow up. It is different for each person, but is exactly what is appropriate for each. Could be a stone that you will work with, an herb you will burn, a prayer you will say... it will be your own. The number of days you will do this work is also individual. I will give you what ever it is you need along with your instructions before you go.

It is important to mention now that the most important part of recieving Medicine Work is that you know you must participate. You must come ready and willing to do the work as well as to recieve the gift. I am the guide who knows the way, I will lead you, stay with you and guide you back, but the truth is ... this will be between you and God... and when all is done... you will say "I did this" (rather than... "she healed me". You will never say that!).


Readings -

Spiritual readings are a gift (so to speak). They are a glimpse into what may be ahead for you on your path. Readings look ahead from the time of your reading forward  (we can look into the past, on many levels, and around in the present too), but what is important for you to know is that You are always in charge of your life. If you see that you are going in the direction you desire, you can choose to continue to move in that direction. If you are shown a caution about something in your life or the direction that you are  heading, you can choose to make some changes. You are always in charge. Readings are healing and can be life changing depending upon how seriously you take them and the decisions you make. What is most important for you to know, is that what ever information I receive during a reading comes from you. It is your highest spirit, your most pure and perfect self, that which is within and around you, but is just beyond your reach that speaks to me (as well as Creator). It will not be my opinion, my guess, my  suspicion, or the like. It is your energy I read. (just as a note, everyone can be too close to a situation to be able to see it clearly. I call upon a trusted spiritual reader to assist me with difficult issues)

I read in at least two different ways. I was taught as a child of ten, an old Cherokee way of reading cards (by my Cherokee Aunt). And I have developed over the years, the ability to do (what I call) Spirit Readings. That is my simple way of saying you ask me questions and I will listen for the answers/response. I use the word spirit because I sit with your spirit and with Creator in spirit.

The reading of cards (the way I do it) is very thorough and usually takes about 90 minutes. You must be here to sit with me to have a card reading. It is a full deck of cards and we need them all to be put out in a certain way in order to read them. I record the entire reading for you on a tape you can take with you. It is important for you to have a list of thoughts or questions with you when you arrive.  

Card Reading - $125.00 for the first 90 minutes, $20.00 for each 15 minutes over.

I have the ability to do  (spirit) readings over the phone. Most of the information I receive in readings contain mainly spiritual information for you (I do receive information regarding your actual physical life issues, but still from a very high/spiritual perspective). I do have the ability to record the phone readings for you and send the tape to you by mail which is included in the cost. When you call for an appointment please know that it will not be possible to begin your reading at that moment. We will set a time for your appointment. You will call me at the sceduled time and I will be set-up and waiting (timing is important). It is important to have a list of thoughts and questions ready when you call.

Phone Readings - $125.00 per 90 minute reading 

Ceremony -

To request a ceremony - If you would like to talk with me about requesting a  personal ceremony, please call me 303.646.0664

Ceremony, Sweat, Gatherings -

As of this writing I have no scheduled ceremonies, gatherings or sweats. I will post the information as I set the dates right here or if you would like to be notified, please click on the "Contact Eva" button, and submit your contact information. I will send out up dates as I set the dates.

Lectures and Seminars -

Over the years I have been asked to speak at functions by people who have attended my classes. I do have a very busy schedule, but I always try to work it out. Contact me personally - 303.646.0664

Retreats -

When my husband, Keven and I began raising buffalo, I was so moved by the experience of caretaking such spiritual beings that I began to plan how one day I could share this experience with others. We are just getting settled now and are not ready to host retreats just yet. I will post retreat availability right here.

Thank you for looking in, I hope to meet you one day, Eva Black Tail Swan


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